Acabado WordPress Theme

The Acabado theme is a refreshing change to the landscape of bloated WordPress themes.

Stupid Fast

Acabado is designed to achieve a 100 on Google’s Page Speed Insights testing tool–without resorting to AMP.  Even with lots of images.  Even on mobile.*

SEO Built-In

Remember that old SEO plugin you used to use?  It probably didn’t do as much as you thought it did.  We’ve loaded Acabado with SEO features including Schema.

Clean and Organized

Themes today all tout extensive customizability.  Acabado is the opposite.  You’ll have your site redesigned in 3 minutes and you can style your pages with Gutenberg.

Mobile First

Every theme nowadays has a responsive mobile design, but eventhough 65% of your web visitors will likely be on mobile, nearly all themes are still built with the desktop version first.

Check out this video for a tour of Acabado!


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